POMAR SC is considered as one of the leading Lumber companies in Poland. POMAR SC was established in 2007 and enjoyed for the last 11years good success and a fine reputation in addition to strong experiences in Regional and International markets, and today is one of the leading companies in supplying Biofuel materials and Lumber.

POMAR SC entered a new phase of its development in 2018 by forming a new company (Ukraine Company) and the aim to trade and export logs and lumber products in Poland and EU retail markets, and within 5 years this division had expanded so fast and became the second larger Retail biofuel player in Poland. As a result, we established exclusive distribution agreements with Leading German, Spanish and Italian Based lumber and biofuel producers and suppliers.

In 2011 POMAR SC start diversifying its investments and as a result, it was able to acquire substantial stakes in well-established companies in Poland, and Ukraine

In 2014 POMAR SC had also signed an exclusive distribution agreement with other Lumber companies for Poland and EU markets, and their products include LOGS, LUMBERS and ECO- FRIENDLY BIOFUEL products. Also in 2014 POMAR SC had taken a major step in establishing a Biofuel Factory in Ukraine (Eastern Europe) and its aim to produce both High biofuels such as wood pellets, briquettes, and charcoal. The last year 2017, our company POMAR SC started its production Facilities in Ukraine to produce TOP QUALITY of biofuels for industrial and household purposes.


The company set out on its road to success in 2006, as a small wooden packaging production facility was created. Nowadays, POMAR SC is a modern, high-tech enterprise,  the production capacity of which ensures the manufacture of more than 4 million pallets and 10.000 cubic meters of lumber per year.   

The main areas of activity are the production of Lumber, Biofuel, pallet wood shavings, and other accessories: that is, a complete packaging solution for the transporting and storing of the cargo of different types. In addition, the company carries out operations with used pallets and provides a number of related services.  

POMAR SC headquarters is based in Poland, and its sales offices operate in Ukraine and Poland.   

The company’s products are exported to 40 countries around the world. The main sales markets are Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Denmark, Italy, Norway, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Africa.