Pini kay Briquettes for sale



    Pini Kay Briquettes is produced from grown on ecologically clean lands, oak, hornbeam. Briquette “Pini Kay” is a good substitute for wood and coal for heating. It produces much less carbon dioxide, residual ash only 0.75% by weight practically leaves no soot. heating briquettes are considered an ecological type of fuel.

    Pini kay Briquettes for sale

    Unlike wood, the humidity of this component is only 8%, in comparison, wood has 20%. Also worth taking into account the density of the material itself. If good timber, for example, oak, it is 0,81g / cm3, the fuel briquettes, the price of which is not significantly different from such a tree, having a density of not less than 0,95g / cm3. This suggests that the combustion temperature is increased and the length is about 2 times. Production of fuel briquettes is processing residual materials from the forest or agricultural industry. Used twigs, sawdust, shavings. In this case, the round wood briquettes made from softwood residues. It is made by a special machine, which presses the material expels the air, and creates the form.


    Ash content

    < 2,00 %


     3 – 5%

    1 Pini Kay briquette size

    15 x 9 x 6 cm

    Calorific value

    4650 – 5100 kcal / kg


    1.2 – 1.5 kg / dm

    Burning time

    min 4 hr


    Pack of 12 pcs


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