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Construction grade OSB1 / OSB2 / OSB3

Construction grade OSB1 / OSB2 / OSB3

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Construction grade OSB1 / OSB2 / OSB3, OSB is particularly appropriate for load-bearing applications in construction due to the structure of strands within its panels and high mechanical properties.

Construction grade OSB1 / OSB2 / OSB3

It is commonly used for roof decking, wall sheathing, flooring and can also be used as a wood-based panel product. Large quantities of OSB are also used in site hoardings and pallet tops as well as industrial packaging and sacking. For ease of use, it can be cut by a hand or power saw and machined (routed, spindled, planed and bored) with common woodworking machinery.

unedged Oak lumberunedged Oak lumber

Unedged Oak lumber

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