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All Species European Lumber

250.00 200.00

Manufacturing and distribution companies alike benefit from working with a partner that reduces buying hassle and cost, and brings peace of mind to the process.


Birch Plywood

180.00 160.00

This plywood performs best in demanding special building applications and wherever high strength is required. Birch Plywood is very strong and smooth surfaced. It is particularly well suited to design applications requiring good strength and stiffness characteristics. This plywood provides a unique combination of strength, flexibility and a perfect look in a light-colored range.


Construction grade OSB1 / OSB2 / OSB3

180.00 160.00

OSB is particularly appropriate for load-bearing applications in construction due to the structure of strands within its panels and high mechanical properties. It is commonly used for roof decking, wall sheathing, flooring and can also be used as a wood-based panel product. Large quantities of OSB are also used in site hoardings and pallet tops as well as industrial packaging and sacking. For ease of use it can be cut by a hand or power saw and machined (routed, spindled, planed and bored) with common wood working machinery.

Eco wood wool for BBQ lighter

Size: Dia20*50mm .

Weight: 2kgs/ pe bag

Package:2kgs/bag, 48bags/cartoon

Usage: To light the charcoal, perfect for BBQ fire starter, get warm in the cold weather, open fire in the fireplace,also be used in the illumination.

Wood wool a mass of fine, soft wood shavings, typically used as a packing material.


EPAL Euro Pallet 120×80 pallet

7.00 5.00


Dimensions: 120 x 80 cm;

Structure: 5 upper deck boards (thickness 22 mm, 100-145 mm wideness) and 3 lower deck boards (22 thickness and 145 mm wideness);

Carrying capacity: from 1500 to 2000 kg;

L x H of the space available for forklifting: 227.5 x 100 mm.


Firewood/Woodlogs Not Cleaved

100.00 80.00

Firewood is any wooden material that is gathered and used for fuel. Generally, firewood is not highly processed and is in some sort of recognisable log or branch.

Kd Oak firewood


Volume 65 – 4000 m3 stacked per month
Type of species European Hardwood
Species Common Black Alder, Birch, Oak

Nestro Briquettes price

130.00 120.00

NESTRO Briquettes
Combusting temperature: 4300 – 4700 Kcal/кg
Moisture: around 8%
Ash content : around 0, 7%
Mechanical durability: 95%
Partly destroyed briquettes:14%
Size : Ø65×270 – 300 mm
Packaging: 11 pieces in vacuum (10,8 kg), 88 packages on pallet (950.4 kg)
Certificate of quality: available