Eco wood wool for BBQ lighter

Eco wood wool for BBQ lighter

Size: Dia20*50mm .

Weight: 2kgs/ pe bag

Package:2kgs/bag, 48bags/cartoon

Usage: To light the charcoal, perfect for BBQ fire starter, get warm in the cold weather, open fire in the fireplace, also be used in the illumination.

Wood wool a mass of fine, softwood shavings, typically used as a packing material.



Natural wood firelighters made from wood shaving strands that have outstanding lighting properties and are suitable for lighting various materials without the need for paper for lighting grills, outdoor fireplaces, wood stoves, and hearths, etc.
It’s strength lies primarily in its long-standing burning time, where one roll can burn a flame for 10 minutes.
The wood wool firelighters is a natural, handmade product that is free of any dangerous chemical substances, it is ecological and environmentally-friendly, which makes it suitable for storage indoors.

Eco wood wool for BBQ lighter:

The alternative to petrol smelling firelighters
Contain no chemicals or adulterants
Are completely non-toxic
Defra approved firelighters
Are ideal for grills and barbeques; because they are completely non-toxic. They won’t taint your food with chemicals or unpleasant odors
Are extremely effective – one firelighter will light coal, wood briquettes or large firewood logs.
Each firelighter is 9cm long and burns for 10 minutes.



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