Nestro Briquettes price

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Nestro Briquettes price
Combusting temperature: 4300 – 4700 Kcal/кg
Moisture: around 8%
Ash content: around 0, 7%
Mechanical durability: 95%
Partly destroyed briquettes:14%
Size : Ø65×270 – 300 mm
Packaging: 11 pieces in vacuum (10,8 kg), 88 packages on pallet (950.4 kg)
Certificate of quality: available



Nestro Briquettes price type has a cylindrical shape and it is made from pine, oak and birch sawdust. They are made by molding in a hydraulic or a shock – a mechanical press.

Nestro Briquettes

Briquettes are composed of compacted forestall biomass It is 100% ecological, no glues, no adhesives or other chemicals.


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