Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be a POMAR SC customer?

We help you keep up to date with what is happening in the wood market so that you can make the right decisions for your company. Knowledge of what is happening in the world enables you to better plan, act and assess the market. We collect data from all over the world so that you easily can find what is most important for you. Since you need to make decisions based on the latest information, we provide it without unnecessary delay, often the same day as the data is published by the source. We use multiple dimensions to highlight causality.

Which subscription should I choose?

We offer two different kinds of subscriptions: Premium and Standard. If you would like to receive all of our services your best choice is a Premium subscription. With Premium you will receive all of our newsletter to your inbox and also get access to the charts database. In the newsletter you will get selected charts and data in text and/or tables. In our newsletter you will also find analysis and interesting news, comments from experts etc. If you prefer to browse through the information in the charts database by yourself and not get the newsletter, then the Standard subscription is best for you.

How much market information would you like to receive?

Premium Standard

Receive the market information in charts, text, figures and tables.

Analysis, news and comments on the market.

Access to the charts database.

Will my trial subscription automatically extend to a subscription when the trial is over?


How do I add or remove users?

Contact us at and we will help you.

Who in my company receives Market News?

Contact us at and we will help you.

I forgot my username and/or password to the charts database. What do I do?

Your username is your email address. If you forget your password you can use the ””-link or contact us at

Usage and market news

How often are the charts updated?

Our charts will be updated when new data is published by the source. Some sources release data every month, others every quarter, half year or on a yearly basis. Our charts will mostly be updated on the same day as the data is released, or shortly thereafter. Some sources release data for the current month but most sources have a delay of one or more months.

When do you publish Market News (newsletter)?

Most of our Market News (newsletter) will be published when our sources publish their statistics. Some Market News will not be published every time new statistics is released. However, the charts in the database will always be updated.

I miss some market information. Can you help me?

We are here for our customers and do our best to provide the information you request. Contact us at and we will try to help you.

How may I use the information and charts found in your services?

Contact us at and tell us how you want to use the information and we will help you. You can view our complete General Terms and Conditions here: Please email us at or call us if you have any questions.


What kind of customers do you have?

Among our customers you find sawmills, forest owners, banks, importers, woodworking factories, companies in the processing industry etc. worldwide.

  • Bring New Perspectives and Ideas

  • Have Confidence In our Ability to Achieve Results

  • Listen, Really Listen, to the Customer

  • Provide Value That’s Superior to Other Options

  • Connect Personally With the Customer

  • Be Willing to Collaborate

  • Understand ALL the Customer’s Needs

  •  Communicate the Purchasing Process

  • Help the Customer Avoid Potential Pitfall

  • Craft a Compelling Solution

Remodels & Refurbishing

How do you help me to be updated?

Our market information helps you keep up to date with the latest news. Our services are: Market News. A newsletter with approximately 400 issues every year containing the most recent statistics and analysis. One topic in each issue with a describing title and several charts make it easy to get an overview. You will see monthly figures, cumulative annual figures and tables. Charts database. On our website you can log in to our database where you will find most of the charts found in our newsletter and many more. Here you can easily browse per continent, country and type, get deeper information of your choice. If you miss any information, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will do our best to provide the data you need.

Quality standards


We turn to standards for guidelines, definitions, and procedures that help us achieve Our objectives such as:

< Ensuring our products and services are safe

Protecting products against climatic or other adverse conditions

< Ensuring that internal processes are defined and controlled

< Satisfying our customers’ quality requirements

< Complying with regulations

< Meeting environmental objectives


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