Osb wood mix

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    Osb wood mix

    Osb wood mix , Oriented Strand Boards are manufactured using a special technology, which distinguishes them from fiberboard, chipboard, and MDF. As a raw material for OSB, shavings of natural wood (usually coniferous) are taken, which is mixed with adhesives, and processed under conditions of high temperature and pressure. OSB pressed in such a way has a uniform structure and density, as well as a characteristic appearance where wood chips are clearly visible.

    Osb wood mix

    You can buy an OSB plate of several types, depending on such characteristics:

    • Thickness (6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22 mm);
    • strength, density, waterproof ( grade: 1, 2, 3, 4. OSB grade 1 – least sturdy and waterproof, OSB grade 4 – with maximum performance);
    • processing method(grooved, laminated, varnished).

    Different types of OSB can be purchased for specific types of work. So, the sheets:

    • 1-st grade – used in furniture production;
    • 2-nd grade – for construction and repair work in low humidity;
    • 3-rd grade – for outdoor use and the creation of durable structures.

     OSB plate is preferred in particular for:

    • Wall and roof cladding;
    • Flooring;
    • Installation of removable formwork;
    • Erection of farm buildings;
    • Mounting racks and shelves, and much more;

    OSB plate can be bought for domestic construction, as well as for use in industrial facilities. Due to the low price and high performance, they are becoming more popular among professional builders and home craftsmen.

    7 reasons to buy OSB 123&4

    OSB plate has a lot of advantages, including:

    • universality in the application;
    • availability (OSB sheets can be bought quite inexpensively);
    • environmental friendliness;
    • the simplicity of processing and installation (OSB is easily drilled, cut, painted, and more);
    • resistance to mechanical stress, temperature fluctuations;
    • wear resistance;
    • aesthetics (OSB has an original texture).

    In the POMAR-SC you will find a wide selection of OSB boards, the quality, and cost of which will undoubtedly please. If you have any questions, we will always be happy to advise, help you decide on the ideal option for each object. For all customers, delivery by courier or the possibility of self-delivery of goods from a warehouse is available.

    If you want to buy a high-quality OSB plate at a low price, definitely contact «POMAR-SC ». We only work with trusted suppliers. Therefore, we not only use the presented goods ourselves but also safely recommend them to you.

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