RUF briquettes

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    RUF briquettes

    We would like to present RUF type briquettes made from pure sawdust without any chemical or other additives.
    RUF briquettes are produced from leafy trees sawdust. Compared to firewood it’s a much more heat-intensive fuel
    because of the low humidity level.

    RUF briquettes


    Ash content



    < 10 %

    1 RUF briquette size

    15x9x6 cm

    Raw material

    Вeech, Oak



    Calorific value

    18 MJ/kg


    10 kg bags (12 briquettes).


    Important Delivery Information: Delivery is performed by any international transport pallet courier using a large tail-lift vehicle and pallet trolley. Please read our delivery section to ensure you fully understand the limitations before placing your order.

    December – February Sale Prices
    Please order online due to reduced office staff – we are still delivering safely and on time during COVID-19

    6 reviews for RUF briquettes

    1. Barry

      The fire behavior is good. Unfortunately, the briquettes are a little dusty and crumbly, which may not be ideal for allergy sufferers. Therefor a point deduction. i prefer to order wood pellets from you in my subsequent orders

      • michal1

        Hello Barry, The wood briquettes are great, great calorific value and they are not crumbly when unpacking. Furthermore, great shipping, the driver was very friendly and took the pallet to where you wanted it to be. Everything went super. However, if you
        prefer our Enplus A1 wood pellet we shall supply you and you will be compensated for the briquettes.
        Thank you!

    2. marc

      Very good quality and top supplier.
      If you had any questions, someone was always available on working days, friendly and competent.

    3. lupine clove

      The heating output could only be tested very briefly, we will be able to say exactly in winter.
      They were definitely dry and had other briquettes that burned badly.
      The transport was a bit bumpy and took longer than expected. Then divided into 2 Pal, that was not so ideal … but well.

    4. P. Müller

      We rarely use our wood-burning stoves, but you can make yourself comfortable over the Christmas season. Since we didn’t make it to the hardware store before the lockdown, and a large order from the local dealer only starts from one cubic meter, we took the unusual route and ordered some wood and wood briquettes online from Pomar-sc. And i must say we are satisfied

    5. Jawaher Alsaud

      I quickly needed firewood to resell, so I ordered 48 pallets of Ruf hardwood briquettes. Delivery
      problem-free; The packaging is great, so it can be stacked in the best possible way to save space and without major physical effort and then carried daily in the wooden basket in a pack of 12.the briquettes produce around 2-3 times as much ash as beech logs. The heat output is okay, if not as good as beech logs. Price / performance ratio is also okay.
      Conclusion: Beech logs are significantly better in terms of heat output and, above all, ash development and, at least in the rural Sauerland, are also cheaper from 3-4 cubic meters. A recommended alternative for city dwellers or if there is little storage space or easier stacking.

      • michal1

        Thank you for noticing, it really makes me happy to hear!

    6. Manochi

      One of the things I admire about this company is the quality of the goods though delivery was delayed for a couple of days due to holidays

      • michal1

        Thanks for noticing, I put a lot of time and effort into that project.

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