RUF briquettes

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RUF briquettes, We would like to present RUF type briquettes made from pure sawdust without any chemical or other additives.
RUF briquettes are produced from leafy trees sawdust. Compared to firewood it’s a much more heat-intensive fuel
because of the low humidity level.

RUF briquettes


Ash content



< 10 %

1 RUF briquette size

15x9x6 cm

Raw material

Вeech, Oak



Calorific value

18 MJ/kg


10 kg bags (12 briquettes).


Important Delivery Information: Delivery is performed by any international transport pallet courier using a large tail-lift vehicle and pallet trolley. Please read our delivery section to ensure you fully understand the limitations before placing your order.

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1 review for RUF briquettes

  1. Barry

    The fire behavior is good. Unfortunately, the briquettes are a little dusty and crumbly, which may not be ideal for allergy sufferers. Therefor a point deduction. i prefer to order wood pellets from you in my subsequent orders

    • michal1

      Hello Barry, The wood briquettes are great, great calorific value and they are not crumbly when unpacking. Furthermore, great shipping, the driver was very friendly and took the pallet to where you wanted it to be. Everything went super. However, if you
      prefer our Enplus A1 wood pellet we shall supply you and you will be compensated for the briquettes.
      Thank you!

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