Kiln Dried Ash Logs 40 Net Bags


    Kiln Dried Ash Logs 40 Net Bags

    Kiln dried Ash logs 40 nets 22L size for sale . Ash logs are EU standard size, 25cm in length and 7-15cm wide measured across the widest edge. Netted Ash firewood is kiln dried to highest standards.

    • Product Specie:  Ashwood
    • 40 Nets 22 size, Approx. 9-10kg each
    • Crate Ext. Dim. 1.25m (h) x 1.18m (w) x 0.88m (d)
    • Pallet weight approx. 460kg
    • Log Length: 25cm (9 ¾”) is the standard length, tolerance + – 2cm.
    • Log Diameter: 7 -15cm (2 – 6”) measured across widest point of log. Tolerance on diameter +/- 10%.
    • 5 side shrink wrapped prior dispatch
    • Moisture below 20%, high heat output, low ash, minimum soot & tar in chimney.

    We drive all the way into the carport/garage on gravel, grass or similar with our all-terrain pallet jack. 

    We can also put your order outside according to instructions under remarks in your order – we cover the pallet with a waterproof cover.


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