Pine logs




    Pine logs

    We source logs in Europe, where Pine trees are native and grow slowly, reaching higher densities than  logs harvested in warmer regions. The logs we trade are often over 100 years old, and their age is reflected in the structural quality of their wood: while the wood of Pine trees grown in warmer weather might have a density as low as 400 kg/m3, the wood of slow-growing Scots Pine trees reaches densities of over 700 kg/m3.


    Item namePine
    Volume100 m3 Spot – 1 time
    Diameter14+ cm
    Length4; 6 m
    QualityAB , A/B/C ,BC grades
    DescriptionFresh cut.
    Non-standard dimensions are possible on customer request.

    Pine  In specific situations we are able to measure our  logs according to other reference systems, and this can be negotiated in a case-per-case basis. For example, some of our clients in China prefer to purchase Pine logs measured according to the Hubert System


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