Western Red Cedar



    Western Red Cedar

    Western red cedar solid wood wall panel,  Red Cedar is a softwood. Despite commonly thought of as weaker, many softwoods are in fact as strong as, if not stronger than, some hardwoods. Western Cedar is a very durable example of a softwood, and excellent for use in various architectural projects.

    Products: cedar T&G wall panelWestern red cedar Finger jointed edge glued boards
    Size:9X94X915-3050MM/12X94X915-3050MM17mmx50mm x 6000mm
    Moisture content:8-12%8-12%
    Quality:Solid ,KD, Clear,S4S,T&GS4S, ,KD,Clear,T&G

    Cedar is one of the most beautiful, durable and stable softwoods available. It is easy to work and is commonly used in a variety of applications from exterior and interior trim, paneling, decking and siding.


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