Ash logs

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    Ash logs

    We can supply Ash logs in all common grades and specifications. Custom grades are possible too.  logs can be used for all applications such as veneer, peeling or lumber. All of our logs are sourced from sustainable managed forests in Europe.

    Sawing-  logs for the production of sawn timber

    Veneer – Best quality for the production of sliced veneer

    Peeling – selected  logs suitable for peeling

    Item nameAsh
    Volume100 m3 Spot – 1 time
    Diameter30 cm +
    40 cm +
    50 cm +
    Length3,00 m +
    QualityAB , A/B/C ,BC grades
    DescriptionFresh cut.
    Non-standard dimensions are possible on customer request.

    Together with the natural elasticity of hardwoods, the superior density of Beech logs harvested in colder regions provides for wood that can be used in a wider variety of applications, and that resist the test of time. ash logs is one of the most common species in Europe besides beech and oak. Ash is often accompanied together with other species to stimulate height growth. Ash is one of the tallest hardwood species in Europe – up to 40m and is therefore one of the most frequently used species.

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