Baltic Hemp for Bedding



    Baltic hemp is specially designed for horses, cows, and poultry, chicks, and rodent.

    • Absorbency 400 – 500% of its own weight
    • Rapid degradation, soil in about 6-8 weeks
    • Nearly dust-free, No bacteria
    • Fire is Safer than other bedding, non-flammable!
    • Improved thermal properties, warm & comfortable
    • Easy to use, bedding suitable for use in most spreading equipment
    • Best solution for the hooves

    How to use Hemp bedding:

    * empty the stable box, scatter 4 bales of Baltic hemp in a box of 9 m2 (an average of 1 bale per 2 m2)
    * remove the dung daily and rake the ground surface flat from outside to the inside. Do not overturn! The idea is to create bedding.
    * remove the dung daily and the wet spots weekly and add 1 bale of Baltic hemp litter. It is sensible to add the new bale to where you have taken out the wet spot.
    * continue raking the upper layer from the outside inward regularly.
    * after about 10 to 12 weeks; empty the stable box and start all over again.
    * Baltic hemp bales should be kept inside so that it is protected against rain and sunlight.

    How can you cut down the amount of labor?

    1. by only clearing out completely 4x a year
    2. no more dung heap, but a compost heap which will have the size of only 1/5 of your old dung heap (with regards to straw litter)
    3. time savings with regards to the stable box maintenance compared to straw, ½ to 1 hour per stable box per week

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can hemp litter cause colic? In principle, all floor coverings can cause intestinal disorders when (too) much is eaten from it. Good stable and feed management are very important, make sure that there is always sufficient feed available and that you give your horse plenty of exercises to avoid boredom in the stable!

    How can I process it best? In use, Baltic hemp is similar to flax, rapeseed litter, or wood shavings. This means you will have to remove the dung balls daily and the wet spots weekly. If necessary add Baltic hemp. Preferably use a fine-toothed fork, this way you prevent the disposing of good material.

    Baltic hemp is available in following packaging:

    • +/- 20 kg:n bale
    • 1 pallet = 21 bales (+/- 420 kg) = 3,36 m3
    • Semitrailer mounts 33 pallets, 693 bales in total, totally 13,860 tons


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