Crushed Pellets


    Crushed pellets

    They are straw pellets, but crushed, that have been specially designed for horses, cows, and pigs.

    • Raw material is wheat
    • Moisture content <10%
    • Bulk density of 650 Kg/m³
    • Dust-free
    • No bacteria

    How to use  pellets

    Pellets, the floor should be clean and dry. The bed needs to be maintained at a depth of 20 mm to 50 mm. Attention should be paid to the area under the light and any walkways or platforms.

     Pellets are available in the following packaging:

    • 2 x 500 kg bags on a pallet, in total (1000 kg)
    • 60 x 15 kg bags on a pallet, in total (900kg)
    • 24 pallets on a semi-trailer

    We are looking for distribution partners in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands. We sincerely hope crushed pellets will be one of the most enjoyable and profitable parts of your business.


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