Straw pellet fuel


     Straw pellet fuel

    The pellets are made of 100% natural straws. The block of a pellet roll is of 10 – 30mm length and 6 – 8mm diameter.

    The data shown in the tables below is confirmed by Lithuanian energy institute, thermal equipment examination and experimental laboratory.




    Quantity of humidity



    Quantity of ashes



    Thermal value



    Thermal value



    Straw pellet Fuel

    • RENEWABLE FUEL TYPE. The resources of the fuel renew themselves every year.
    • THE PRICE is much lower comparing to other fuel types.
    • ORGANIC FERTILIZER. After the pellets are burned, the ashes that are left are completely ecological, clean and might be used as a fertilizer.
    • ECOLOGICAL. The straws that are used to produce pellets are 100% natural and organic, as the cut off straws that are used for fuel are without any supplements, chemical compounds, or additional glue.

    We are offering the main packaging sizes but we are willing to pack the pellets according to clients’ desires (to their own containers or to meet their packaging needs).

    Big bags (parameters of 95*95*180cm) can be maintained with a palette or without it.  The bags of 15kg are tightly and equally placed on a palette with a plastic wrap for a safe and comfortable transportation.

    We drive all the way into the carport/garage on gravel, grass or similar with our all-terrain pallet jack. 

    We can also put your order outside according to instructions under remarks in your order – we cover the pallet with a waterproof cover.


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