Straw Pellets beddings



    Straw Pellets beddings

    Generally, straw pellets can be used as animal bedding, feed for animals, and fuel for heating for home and industry use. Straw pellets as fuels are usually burning at pellet boilers, pellet stoves and other pellet appliance at household.  You may spray some water on straw pellets, to make them softer, but we suggest not to bring extra moisture (unlike wood pellets you do not need to add water prior to use) to due straw pellets are very soft and they break down under the weight of animal using the under layer. The pellets provide a soft, supportive and durable bed. And now the stable is ready to use.

    Straw Pellets beddings

    Don’t mix straw pellets with other products. In this case, straw pellets lose their properties and not longer perform their functions as animal bedding. Consumption of straw pellets increase and the straw pellet bedding is no longer cost effective.

    Consumption of straw pellet for horse bedding:


    No of stall in stable


    Size of stall

    10 m210 m210 m210 m2

    First layer once ca

    150 kg750 kg1 500 kg6 000 kg

    Full cleaning 2 per year ca

    150 kg750 kg1 500 kg6 000 kg

    Adding of pellet in a week ca

    20 kg100 kg200 kg800 kg

    Average requirement per month ca

    110 kg540 kg1 100 kg4 350 kg

    Annual requirement ca

    1 300 kg6 500 kg13 000 kg52 000 kg

    We drive all the way into the carport/garage on gravel, grass or similar with our all-terrain pallet jack. 

    We can also put your order outside according to instructions under remarks in your order – we cover the pallet with a waterproof cover.


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