BBQ pellets

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    BBQ pellets

    We offer quality Grill pellets or  pellets that are used in pellet grills for heating, in smoke generators, smokehouses, and other toaster ovens for creating smoke. In smoke generators and smokehouses it successfully replaces wood chips, gives the food a pleasant flavor and a beautiful color. Suitable for all types of meat and fish, according to the taste of the user. Grill pellets are made of grey alder. Dose according to the equipment instructions.



    Grill pellets are available in the following packaging:

    • 78 bags x 10kg on a pallet
    • 24 pallets on a semi-trailer

    We are always looking for distribution partners in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands. We sincerely hope that selling grill pellets will be one of the most enjoyable and profitable parts of your business. To expedite the process


    3 reviews for BBQ pellets

    1. Markus

      I ordered the oak pellets. These are properly pressed and do not disintegrate. There was also relatively little dust and breakage in the bag.
      They burn in the pellet grill without leaving a lot of ash.


      Super fast delivery, pellets could be bigger but depends on what kind of smoker you have

    3. Erika Franz

      very good!

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