Wood Pellet A1

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    Wood Pellet A1

    Specific quality characteristics of pellets from POMAR-SC Company: Wooden pellets from POMAR-SC company have low ash rate – 0,67 which is real for all the pellets. Special attention is payed to the moisture rate – 6,74%, which increases the efficiency factor form burning. The moisture ratio is one of the lowest on the European market. Our pellets have a high mechanical durability, which guarantees maximum saving of consistency of the granules even while long-term transportation. All these quality characteristics form optimal market prices and influence on satisfying of clients and international partners. SPECIFICATION


    6 mm

    Ash content





    30 mm

    Raw material

    Вeech, pine


    650 kg/m3

    Caloric value

    4830 kcal/kg


    Bags 15 kg

    Big Bag 1000 kg


    October – November Sale Prices  


    8 reviews for Wood Pellet A1

    1. kassar

      We order 48 tons ENplus A1 pellets from this dealer, and we got it shipped to the daycare center.
      Thank you!

    2. smith cooper

      Good value for money, we use the pellets for our pizza oven, they work perfectly

    3. Philipp

      I used the walnut pellets in a Gmg to make a brisket even better. What can I say? It was just wonderful!
      But first things first :
      – the shipping was quick and smooth
      – the first contact was surprising, only a tiny bit of chips could be seen in the bag
      – fire and ash behavior were great
      – consumption was completely normal (not measured)
      – the taste was good great

      I think when my stocks of pellets run out, I will try the other varieties as well, because the selection is very extensive and there is something for everyone.
      Greetings Philipp

    4. Andreas Geddert

      A really cool product with a fine and delicate rich aroma
      . It slowly glows over a small fire. If you soften the pellets they disintegrate and there is a pulpy mass that gives off a lot of even smoke on hot coals. After the pulp has dried, it disintegrates into a fine rice flour. So very universally applicable.!

    5. Myki

      I used the cherry wood pellets in my Weber grill. Iberian pork was on the grill. The pellets developed smoke evenly and the aroma was very good. Easy to use, with great results 👍

    6. Tanja S.

      Thank you! we got the 24 tons sack of white pine pellets.
      From a purely visual point of view, you could see that there was hardly any wood flour / crumbs in the sacks.
      The pellets give off an evenly thick smoke.
      Once more i do appreciate doing business with you

    7. Jeroen Bricks

      We are so grateful for the wood pellets. Thanks for doing business with us and the community.

    8. Broeren

      Delivery was on time!!

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