Sunflower husk pellets 8mm

  • Length 30 mm
  • Diameter 8 mm.
  • Weight 840 kg.
  • Bags of 15 kg.

Sunflower pellets form minimal slag.



Sunflower husk pellets 8mm

biofuel produced from sunflower husks. They are compressed cylindrical pellets, whose average length is from 10 to 30mm and diameter.

Sunflower pellets are a much cheaper alternative to replace wood pellets made from sunflower plants (the husks) and, like wood pellets, can be used as biofuel in your boiler.


  • May require a slightly higher firing temperature for optimal combustion.
  • Different smell than wood pellets when burning.

Sunflower pellets can be advantageously mixed with our wood pellets in a 1:1 ratio.

Sunflower husk pellets 8mm



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